I rarely write reviews but when the service, information, and overall business acumen is this exceptional, well then its time for me to stop and take notice! I wish I could go into detail how hard this agency worked to achieve not only my needs, goals, and desires, but also the buyer's. They are not run of the mill, and the way they handled the two sides of the table was beyond anything I have experienced. I have without a doubt met the most professional, savvy, and caring group of realtors in the business. Of course that starts with the owner, Mary Anne McMahon who I sincerely consider as one of the most valuable sources when it comes to real estate, as well as becoming a dear friend in the process. What a remarkable woman and organization. Bravo to all the goodwill you have provided to me and the Austin community, including quite a number of charities.
Jinous Rouhani
So how do I put this? I don't consider myself the easiest person to deal with. Especially when I'm making a major purchase. This was our first home, and we really had no idea what we were doing. Even worse than that, we had no idea what we wanted. At the beginning of the buying process we wanted a fixer upper and 2 weeks later we wanted a modern kitchen.

Look, there is a right way to sell a home. And there is a wrong way to sell a home. When we first expressed an interest in buying a home we were spammed by dozens of realtors. Some used high pressure sales tactics, like "Buy now!" "You have to get into a home before prices go up!" I could just tell that they really didn't care what they sold us, or if we were making the right decision for ourselves. They just wanted to get the sale and didn't care if we had a $300k mortgage that we couldn't afford and were stuck with a home that we weren't comfortable with.

Brett, was completely different from all the other realtors. The first thing he did was sit us down and ask about what was important to us. What WE wanted. What WE were comfortable with. Then he explained the home buying process and helped us decide on a budget that we were comfortable BEFORE even showing us a home. This guy cares. I am so happy that we worked with him.

And let me tell ya, we definitely took him through the ringer! It's a process of learning what you want and what's important to you, and Brett understands that. Now we are in a beautiful home that we can 100% afford and we couldn't be happier. Brett is the RIGHT KIND OF REALTOR. He does it the RIGHT WAY. I trust him and highly recommend him if you are considering buying or selling your home.
Jared McLaughlin
I have bought and sold over 30 homes and I have to say Stacy Campana is hands down the best real estate agent I have ever worked with. Stacy told me after meeting me for 5 minutes that I would love living in the 78704 area and she was right! Stacy found me my dream home and had an amazing relationship with the builder, which made the negotiation process a breeze. I feel like I not only have a dedicated real estate agent for life, but also a new friend. 
Ilona is very professional and goes out of her way to make the buyer/seller relationship run as smoothly as possible. Ilona represented both the seller and the buyer in our transaction so there were complexities she had to handle and she did these well. I highly recommend Ilona!
Jerry Law Peterson